About Us

We created this ministry with the belief that every pastor’s kid deserves a safe place to be real and find community with other PKs. We exist to remind each individual who has parents serving in ministry that they are seen, loved, important and heard. 

Why You Matter

In the chaos of life and ministry, we struggle to find our place and purpose in the church, in our faith, and in our community. Take a minute to watch the video from our Director, Krissie Garland, about why you matter to us.

We created our logo as a symbol of identity.

The imprint of your finger is rare and special; there are never two imprints alike. Just like our logo, your fingerprint on this world is uniquely different. You aren’t defined solely by being a PK. You are so much more and we get that. We’re here to help you discover your purpose and encourage you along the way.

Our Mission

To help every PK realize they have an identity that goes beyond simply being “the pastors kid.” We hope to walk alongside of each PK and remind them that they are not alone in their struggles, and that there are others out there who understand the unique challenges they face. 

Our Vision

We exist to help every pastors’ kid find their own personal faith and identity in Christ.

“PKs want to be known, not just known of.”

Barnabas Piper, The Pastor’s Kid