Feb 18, 2021

Fighting Forward Through Temptation

Temptation. How does that word make you feel? Most of the time, I think of that word and cringe. Especially as I think about the countless times I have given in to it. Yet, God understands it deeply. So deeply, in fact, that He tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:13b that “…He will provide a way out so that we can stand up under it….” What does this mean? It means this: you WILL be tempted. But it’s what you DO in that temptation that truly determines the outcome. Do you stand up and surrender, or cave?

I don’t really like the word temptation. It makes me feel weak. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to feel weak. Strength was the pillar of our family. Put on the brave face, move mountains, change the world, be the leader. But be tempted? Nah.

Sure made for a lonely life, let me tell you. I found solace in relationships, empty relationships. Pleasing guys became my chance for power and control in a life where I felt I had no control. I hated myself. One day, at a DiscipleNow weekend, I swore it all off. I said, “No more. I will not let guys get the best of me!” We all know what happens next in the story. A week later, there I was, stuck in the same cycle, trying desperately to hold onto some semblance of my identity as a pastor’s kid while attempting to have a life OUTSIDE of that world. The world I HAD to live in.

Jesus was intimately acquainted with temptation. He spent 40 days in the desert fighting off the devil – fighting forward. Upon each attack from the devil, God’s words poured from his lips. Remember, though He was God, Jesus was human, just like us. He was so weak at the end of that 40 days, that the Bible says in Matthew 4:11 that “…angels came to him and ministered to him…” Wow… imagine what that must have looked like for a moment.

Weakness ISN’T a bad thing. No, it’s in that temptation weakness that we are drawn into the heart of Jesus. You’re not alone. No temptation is too much. Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of seeking other identities than the one you’ve been dealt? Do you think a new relationship will fix that wound from the last one? Do you feel overwhelmed by the circumstances life has dealt you? You’re not alone. Lean into the ONE relationship that will never change, the ONE who will never change. That’s Jesus. He’s been there. He’s had people try to change him. He’s had people not believe his pain. He’s had daily oppression by those who wanted to kill him. He’s been dealt a hand he wanted taken away. He gets it. Deeply and intimately, He gets it. You’re not alone. Rest in His love today. Soak in His peace. Allow Him to envelop you with His words and give Him permission to protect you under the shadow of His wings. You are loved.

By <a href="https://pastorskids.org/author/sarah-olson/" target="_self">Sarah Olson</a>

By Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson has been a pastor's kid for over 30 years – her entire life including right now! She is also a pastor's wife. Her husband, Erik, is the Administrative Pastor for a homeless ministry in Texas. Together, they have two children, Aspen and Drake, two cats, Frankie and Pudge, and four chickens – a zoo indeed! Sarah is a stay at home mom that does contract graphic design work. She and her husband own a photography business. She graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Christian School Education. Her years in the ministry have equipped her with a passion to see pastor's kids of all ages thrive in their circumstances and better understand their unique calling.