Mar 24, 2020

What God Really Wants From You

“Lord, what do you want from me?” How many times have you asked God this question?

We are all conflicted with this question throughout our life. Particularly when trying to figure out what career to choose. As I was getting close to my high school graduation I struggled as many teenagers do about what I wanted to do when I graduated. This may sound silly but having grown up in church I was almost discouraged when I wasn’t called to a Bible college or to become a missionary in a foreign field. Rather God called me to live at home and attend the local college.

This time at home allowed me to continue to serve in my local church throughout college. I served and still serve in the band and other capacities as needed. I started a Bible study group for a while for my local college and then I ended up attending a young adult group at another local church. It was there, that I met my husband. He was still in college and I had just started working as a registered nurse. Fast forward 7 years, we have 2 beautiful girls and are serving together at the same church I have been a part of for 13 years.

Over the years my career has placed me in many unique opportunities to serve others. There are not many careers where you are encouraged to help others spiritually. Nursing is a career where I get to be with patients and their families at some of their most vulnerable moments. I have been able to pray and encourage others during a time that even many pastors do not get to experience.

If you are willing, God is going to put you to work. Ultimately, he requires our faithfulness and our willingness to serve Him. I am reminded of the disciples when I think of faithfulness. These were not men who studied the Bible as their career choice. Many of them were fishermen. Luke, who wrote parts of the New Testament was a physician by trade. Our calling or career is not what excludes us from ministry, it is what calls us to ministry. Do not be discouraged when others around you are being called to the mission field and you are ringing someone up at the register. What are you being called to do right now? Whatever it is, be faithful to God’s call. One thing my mom says is “Don’t over-spiritualize it”. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t pray and seek God’s wisdom, but rather be faithful to what God is calling you to at this very moment. Sometimes we “over-spiritualize” ministry and miss out on the opportunities God has right in front of our face. Be diligent to serve God wherever and in whatever circumstance you are in. Be faithful to His calling and He will do great things to further His Kingdom through your obedience.

By <a href="" target="_self">Jenni Simons</a>

By Jenni Simons

Jenni Simons is a wife of over 5 years, a mom of 3 amazing daughters, and a full-time Registered Nurse in Central Florida. Her journey as a PK didn’t begin (officially) until she was 26, but she grew up in the church all her life with her dad often being looked up to as a pastor. She and her husband are very active at their church home, Horizon West Church. Among other things, Jenni has served many years on worship team and in Children’s Ministry. She connected to this ministry through her husband, Jared, who serves with Care for Pastors as Marketing & Media Director. Her hope is that she can be an encouragement and support for pastors’ kids no matter where they’re at in their journey.